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June 17


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Alana Filidea was in the library, just like usual. She always enjoyed reading, It calmed her down when she needed it.
     Alana pretty much knew the whole library like the back of her hand. She knew where each book was, where each series was. Now she just wanted to read all of the books.
       Alana saw a figure approaching her. It was her brother Arawan.
      "Hey." He said.
       "Hey." She said back.
        "Wanna come train in the arena?" He asked her.
        "Not now. Maybe later. I want to finish up my reading." Arawan always wanted her to come train with him and her brother Arthur. But she would rather sit in the library and learn of new things and places.
       "Fine. Catch you.." Arawan started
       Then Arthur came and interrupted. "Hey." He said.
        "She said she doesn't want to train right now." Arawan said. He hated when Arthur interrupted on his conversations with Alana. It was super rude.
       "Fine lets go." Arthur said.
Then they left. Alana could happily read now. Within 20 minutes, she finished her book, and wanted another. She decided to look in the fantasy section. Those books were always interesting.
      Weirdest thing was, there was a new book on the shelf. And it didn't look like the usual ones. This one was glowing purple.
    "What the..." Alana said to herself.
Then she decided to call over Arawan and Arthur. She could do this with her mind.
      Guys, guys! I found something really weird. Alana said, transferring the thought.
     Arawan replied. What? He asked.
       In the library, Alana said.
        We are coming. Arawan said.
        Arawan told Arthur to follow. They went to the library and sure enough, Alana was on the floor.
     "What's wrong?" Arawan asked.
     "Nothing. I just found something." Alana replied.
      "What? You favorite book?" Arawan laughed. So did Arthur.
     "No, look." Alana pointed to the glowing book.
      "What the.." Arthur pulled it out if the shelf.  
       "Hmm." Alana said.
        "Looks cool." Arthur said, opening it.
When he opened it, the book glowed and glimmered.
    "Oh god." Alana said, staring at it.
     "Woah." Arthur and Arawan said at the same time.
Then something crazy happened.
   The book started to suck each one of them inside. Starting with Arthur. "Aaaaaah!!" Arthur screamed as the book pulled him in.
    Next came Arawan. He screamed as well.
Last was Alana. She screamed the loudest.
     Soon they were in some unknown place. "Everyone ok?" Arawan asked, concerned.
    "Yeah. Where are we?" Arthur asked.
      "Who knows." Arawan answered, afraid.
So this story was requested by :iconSobolaplz: Hope you liked it. Sorry it's so late. All of these characters belong to :iconsobolaplz: Hope you enjoyed!
prettyprincess45 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Student Photographer
Sorry guys in the description I meant to put :iconsobola: sorry for that, it was a total mess up on my part :)
Sobola Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you!
I really love the start of the story and I am really longing to read the next chapters!
prettyprincess45 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Student Photographer
Yay!! I'm soo glad!!
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